Noorse Zeemanskerk

Norway: From Vikings to the Middle Ages

Let op: Engelstalig! (this lecture is in English)

A popular image of the Vikings is that of wild warriors assaulting peaceful peasants all over Europe. In his lecture Tor Bertel Løvgren will give you a broader understanding of the Viking age, both from a religious and a political point of view. What made the Viking raids possible, or even logical? When, and how, was the Christian faith introduced in Norway? And what happened when the pagan and the Christian world views met?

And then – we find ourselves in the Middle Ages. An all-encompassing remodelling of people’s minds as well as political and social structures has taken place, and it did not pass smoothly. After an outline of this transition, Tor Bertel Løvgren will look at some similarities and differences in how it unfolded in Norway and the Netherlands.

About the lecturer:

Tor Bertel Løvgren (b. 1949) from Larvik, is a former researcher in polymer chemistry and now retired, who devotes a large part of his time to early Norwegian medieval history.

In 2022, he published the last volume in the ‘Trilogy of Tord’ with the titles The Sword Boy, The Archer, and The Pilgrim. This is his first work of fiction, but he has previously published poetry collections, an illustrated book about those who met Jesus on his wanderings, a photo tour book for his local area, and two CD releases of his own songs.